The creation of Tengoku Ramen Bar’s broth secret recipe is led by Kaizen Dining Group’s Japanese Kaiseki-trained Executive Chef Masa Kurihara, who draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culinary techniques and memories of finding refuge in steaming bowls of ramen from his college days in Tokyo. Each bowl of Tonkotsu ramen is carefully made by combining the 16-hour slow cooked pork broth, specially-made Temomi handcrafted noodles and a variety of freshly cooked ramen toppings which creates the ultimate Japanese comfort food.

A bright slick Japanese casual restaurant is a modern blend of blonde wood, and cool contrasting black and white murals, with plenty of booths and communal tables for slurping noodle bowls filled with slow cooked broths, with unique toppings and vegetables at the peak of their freshness.
This Japanese fast casual restaurant is a haven for the noodle-obsessed, with a fresh design forward spin on the traditional ramen bar. An upscale feel with a fast casual backbone build on bowls of hearty soup.