Order Ramen To-Go Everyday

Curl up with a warm bowl of Tengoku Ramen at home, we got your chow. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a night in, just call to order and pick up 15 mins later. Here are our recommendations for to-go ramen: 

For those cozy nights:
Miso Ramen with extra baby Bak Choy

For the times you want to eat and work :
Kurobuta Sausage
Chashu Don

For meals outdoors, under the sun: 
Chicken Karaage
Hiyashi Chuka
Calpico soda

For the times you cannot decide what to eat: 
Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

For the meat-less days:
Garlic Edamame
Yasai Ramen with extra Garlic Chips

What would you order to-go? Check out our menu now! Please note that Basic Ramen and alcoholic beverages are dine-in only. 

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