Introducing Tengoku’s New Tonkotsu Noodles

Tengoku New Tonkotsu Noodles


The search for the ultimate noodle that is chewy, holds onto broth and tasty is never ending but we are close. Introducing Tengoku’s new Tonkotsu noodles. These noodles are slightly thinner and are able to soak up broth without bloating so that you can have the best mouthful of ramen with every bite. Not only that, we tweaked the ratio of ingredients to make sure that it is tasty but will not overpower the savory goodness of Tengoku’s 16 hour broth.

We are very proud of our noodles and hope you enjoy them too! Let us know via our Instagram page by tagging us our using our hashtag #tengokuramenbar to share your thoughts with us!

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