Introducing our new super fresh & delish sushi rolls!

You want ramen but also a little something on the side? But don’t want anything too heavy? But also craving the same kind of flavor you would get from say our chicken karaage and takoyaki?

Look no further.

We now have six different types of sushi rolls to choose from.

Everything under $5!

Even at the market for a quick sushi pick-up you can’t beat that price.

California Roll 4.50

Spicy Tuna Roll 4.95

The following are all vegetarian

Avocado Roll 4.95

Cucumber Roll 3.50

Veggie Roll 4.50

packed with asparagus, avocado, cucumber, pickled radish, seaweed, sesame seeds

Here is a fun hint. Order a side of gyoza and use that dipping sauce with this new roll goodness. They’re a fantastic stand-alone quick lunch and snack too! Don’t forget to order a nice cold beer to pair with maybe after an evening jog?

Everything might be all about “fall’ and “back to school’ right now but let’s face it Angeleno’s; it’s going to be hot through October. So why not keep it light, fresh and delish with our new sushi rolls!

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