Cold + Rain < Sake + Tsukemen = Heaven! (that's English for Tengoku :)

We secretly love those cold & gray rainy days. Somehow it brings out the best in our ultra-addictive, dippingly delicious Tsukemen! It’s the best escape from a hard day, stressful holiday conditions and truly chases the winter blues away. With a bowl full of thick, chewy, bouncy, al dente noodles, a soft boiled custardy ramen egg, bamboo shoots, juicy pork belly and a rich, savory , syrupy-dense pork dipping broth you definitely risk dreaming of the next time you can order this again. It comes with lime which we strongly encourage you use and even ask for extra to balance out the side-sauce.

Tengoku Tsukemen is truly that life-changing. Even any discussion triggers unstoppable Pavlovian responses.

Might we suggest pairing it with either hot or cold sake. Probably best to cleanse your palette with one of our new delicious sushi rolls, a sensuous seaweed salad first teamed up with our house hot sake ( $2 with a Yelp! check-in!) And with the Tsukemen order a cold bottle of Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo sake. This dry, delicate and fruity sake features a smooth, silky texture, tinged with aromas and flavors of pear, melon, honeysuckle, custard and nutmeg. It’s the perfect balance with the savory, comforting over-tones of the Tsukemen broth.

Or come for late-nite happy hour and order our Ozeki Nigori Sake at $9 a bottle. An unstoppable creamy, rich sake flavor. The texture is velvety smooth and soft, and has tropical flavor that is similar to coconut milk.

So what are you waiting for? It’s raining, the roads are a mess, the stores are even messier so come on it! Or order directly off our website to pick it up to go! Were open LATE!

Must be 21 and over to drink alcohol | Please drink responsibly

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