Introducing Tengoku’s New Tonkotsu Noodles

  The search for the ultimate noodle that is chewy, holds onto broth and tasty is never ending but we are close. Introducing Tengoku’s new Tonkotsu noodles. These noodles are slightly thinner and are able to soak up broth without bloating so that you can have the best mouthful of ramen with every bite. NotContinue reading “Introducing Tengoku’s New Tonkotsu Noodles”

Come for Happy Hour, Stay for Ramen!

Join us for Happy Hour and Late Nite Happy Hour! HAPPY HOUR MENU Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm $2 Sapporo Draft House Sake (hot or cold) $3 Garlic Edamame $4 Seaweed Salad Gyoza Takoyaki $4.50 Ramen Basic $5 Seasoned Octopus Salad Fire Cracker Chicken Karaage   LATE NITE HAPPY HOUR MENU Monday – Thursday,Continue reading “Come for Happy Hour, Stay for Ramen!”

Slurp And Earn- Introducing Tengoku Rewards!

Earn ramen by slurping ramen! Can there be anything better? Introducing our new loyalty program, Tengoku Rewards! Joining the program is easy and free. Just let your server know that you would like to join Tengoku Rewards at any time while dining at Tengoku, and you’ll be on your way to earning points. PERKS EarnContinue reading “Slurp And Earn- Introducing Tengoku Rewards!”

K-Town’s First Spicy Seafood Ramen

Craving for something savory, seafood-y and satisfyingly spicy? Then this is what you’ll want. Starting today, Spicy Seafood Ramen will added to Tengoku’s menu. We are proud to bring K-Town’s first Spicy Seafood Ramen to you! Not only does it cure hangovers like magic, your taste buds will be screaming for more after your first bowl.Continue reading “K-Town’s First Spicy Seafood Ramen”

Customize Your Ramen With Tengoku Basic

You asked and we listened! Due to the popular demand for our $4.50 ramen event this past January, we created the Tengoku Basic for just $5.50. Tengoku Basic comes with our house-made 16 hour tonkotsu broth, ramen noodles, chashu, naruto and green onions. Great for value and super customizable! Which toppings would you add to yourContinue reading “Customize Your Ramen With Tengoku Basic”

Tengoku In The Press | Korea Daily

“일본 요리 장인이 직접 만든 일본식 라면 맛보세요.” 일식이 좋아 엔지니어에서 일식당 주인으로 변신한 일식당 체인 ‘가부키’의 데이비드 이 대표가 새로운 도전에 나섰다. 25년 간 미 전역에 18개의 가부키 매장을 오픈하며 승승장구해 온 그가 일본식 라면 전문 업소인 ‘텐고쿠 라멘 바’를 론칭한 것. 1년여 전 시작해 이미 아케이디아에 1호점을, LA한인타운 웨스턴과 6가에 2호점을 오픈했다. 효과적인Continue reading “Tengoku In The Press | Korea Daily”

Tengoku LA | Extended Business Hours

Tengoku LA will now be open to satisfy your late night craving for appetizers and ramen on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Settle down with a warm bowl of ramen before you hit the sack! Tengoku LA’s new business hours are: Mon  11:30am – 11pm Tues  11:30am – 11pm Wed  11:30am – 11pm Thurs  11:30am –Continue reading “Tengoku LA | Extended Business Hours”